Our lead generation team supplies our own leads filtered specifically to geographical location, demographic, income level & customer type that our clients are wanting to acquire.

Our specialised sales agents qualify them to your product and generates the interest required to finalise the sale. For clients who prefer to finalise any legal scripting and other information on their end, we have the option to warm transfer the qualified prospect through to your company to complete the sale.

As our specialised sales agents already have the rapport with the customer and have them ready to buy, we have the option to finalise the sale front to back for you with all calls being recorded phone for any legal scripting required by your company. This saves your company time and money prospecting a wide range of clientele and cold leads to find hot qualified prospects and get them ready to buy. The Corporate Groups lead generation and sales experience comprises from services for financial institutions, entertainment companies, electricity and gas retailers, security industries, healthcare, real estate and insurance industries.