Nathan Eyres-Brown - Co-Founder

Nathan has been in the sales, collections and retention industries for over 10 years whilst being very successful in earlier organisations.

Prior to founding The Corporate Group, Nathan played professionally for the Queensland Reds and in the European Superliga before retiring to pursue his passion for growing businesses.

He has since founded one of Australia’s biggest security companies and now leads customer sales and retention across many industries for clients of the Corporate Group. Nathan also hosts sales & customer retention seminars across the globe for corporations with a focus on driving revenue and business development.

Nathan’s experience includes one of Australia’s major four banks where he set the national records before moving on to manage the sales and retention departments for Australia's biggest entertainment company. Nathan is highly respected in motivating and developing teams to build industry leading organisations.



Tony Dart - Co-Founder

Prior to founding The Corporate Group, Tony has led top sales, collection and retention departments for the last decade throughout a wide range of industries in Australia and International.

Tony has sales and management experience that extends across Europe before coming back to set national records within sales, collections and customer retention. These records were for corporations such as Australia’s biggest entertainment provider, the largest timeshare company in the world and multiple Australian energy retailers.

Tony was previously announced the South Pacific Telesales Person of the Year Award for the worlds largest timeshare company. In recent years he has focused on developing small sales teams into large sales divisions in a range of industries for clients of The Corporate Group. Tony strongly believes in having the right skills, the right people and leading from the front to deliver the best customer experience.